RCM30 Rawlings Catchers Mitt
Note – Top Stitching, Leather Colors, Gromet, Leather Binding, Construction


US Military Sniper Jacket
Note – Padding at shoulder and elbows, Top Stitching, Printing on Pocket

Contes Et Recits

Contes Et Recits 1895
Note – Font, Layout, Simple Composition, Color

Blackman LG

Canvas Military Bag
Circa 1940
Note – Printing on strap, Color, Hardware, Small Gromet, Simple Shape, Top Stitching

Huntsman 411 P

Huntsman No. 411 p Welders Mask
Note – Form, Material Mix, Simple Font, Color, Folded Construction

Flight Pant

Type A – 11D Flight Pant
Note – Color, Zips, Quilt Pattern, Construction, Seaming, Rib Cuff

Wooden Bowl

Handmade Wooden Bowl
Note – Simplistic Form, Copper Stitching, Wood Grain, Color, Material Mix

Handmade Pattern Shears

Handmade Vietnamese Pattern Cutting Shears
Note – Shape of handle to allow cutter to get closer to cutting surface, number, material on handle

Sears and Roebuck Wool

Sears and Roebuck Sportswear
Note – Metal Zip, Color, Plaid Pattern, Nylon Lining,

Industrial Aid

Industrial First Aid Kit
Circa.  1979
Note:  Container, Packaging, Type Layout, Fonts, and Color.